May 23, 2012

Compufit, Inc. v. Johnson Abraham

Supreme Court of New York, Westchester County

In this action involving breach of contract and tortious interference, Storch Amini represented plaintiff Compufit, Inc. (“Compufit”), a full-service information technology corporation that provides computer network services for small and mid-size businesses, against defendant Johnson Abraham (“Abraham”), a former employee. In its complaint, Compufit alleges that Abraham, while still a full-time employee of Compufit, setup a competing company and that, since leaving Compufit, has used confidential information to compete for business against Compufit and has already poached at least one significant client from Compufit.

Plaintiff moved for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to enjoin Abraham from soliciting Compufit’s clients, using or disclosing any confidential information obtained from Compufit, and requiring Abraham to return to Compufit all information, trade secrets and other confidential data relating to Compufit’s business. The Honorable Alan D. Scheinkman granted the motion for preliminary injunctive relief and enjoined Abraham from using Compufit’s confidential information to unfairly compete. 

Compufit was represented by Jason Levin.

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